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Gratitude Coach

Why a gratitude coach?

Have you ever felt numb, depressed, stuck in a rut or just sad and you can’t seem to break the cycle? The daily practice of gratitude can change this and help move you forward on your path of happiness and joy.

Studies show that a life filled with gratitude opens doors to additional relationships, improves your physical and psychological health, increases empathy and reduces aggression, and your sleep, mental strength and self-esteem all improve*. This is the life you want!

Gratitude should be simple, right? What about those difficult days, or when sickness impacts our world or some important people leave our life due to disagreements, divorce or even death? Can you be grateful during these times?

I am here to teach you the skills and principles behind a life of daily gratitude.

I will share with you my personal story and how a daily gratitude practice changed my journey and brought true joy to my life even during my darkest days.

*Based on Forbes Article published 11/23/14

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